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Founder and Master Instructor - Mr Peter Kelly

​In 1979 Mr Kelly started experienced the combative fighting art of his family, taught by his granfather and grew to love the idea of combat. 

 Unfortunately with the untimely passing of his grand father Mr Kelly was left with many holes to fill in the family’s art.

Mr Kelly has studied many arts such as Japanese Karate, Wing Chun, Close Quarter Combat and weaponry achieving senior ranks in these arts.

In late 1998, Mr Kelly started training in the art of American Kenpo which soon filled the void left behind by his grandfather. 

Seeing the benefits of American Kenpo System , Mr Kelly made the art the core of his teaching and was able develop his family art for reality through this vehicle

From 1994 to 2008 Mr Kelly (through his employer at the time) started placing into practice the theories and principles and training he had received through out his life and was able to survive many dangerous and life threatening situations on an almost daily occurrence.

Mr Kelly came to realise that combat has a mental as well as physical part to play and after a major life event in 2005 which led to a diagnosis of P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Mr Kelly, realised that martial artist prepare for the lead up too and the confrontation, but not the emotional, mental and physical after effects after an attack or fight.

​Mr Kelly holds a traditional rank -  7th Degree Black Belt