Ragnarok Combat -- Kenpo Karate -- Stick Fighting

You are all you've got 

Who are you?

You're young, you're in a good career, or maybe you're a tradie with your own business. You have your life on track and everything is as it should be. You've either got a family, your in a relationship, or you're thinking about it. What ever the case may be, the one thing that is for certain is that you've worked hard to be who you are and have what you have, and you don't want to lose it. 

Who are we?

Ragnarok Combat Academy is just that. A combat academy. We teach combat. We teach self protection.  And what is self protection?

The Ragnarok Combat Academy definition of self protection is

The techniques, methods and strategies deployed physically and mentally to escape or avoid a threatening situation before it happens. It is also efficient and effective means of unparalleled dominance to escape an imminent and inevitable physical threat to personal safety or well being to yourself and those immediately surrounding you. Finally it is the management of self, threat, and others, after an altercation/engagement for rapid recovery to a state of sanctuary. 

In other words: 

We teach you BEFORE the fight to avoid the fight

We teach you DURING the fight to survive the fight

We teach you AFTER the fight to stay alive and stay safe

We are scientific in our approach which is based on the laws of motion, movement, gravity and physics. We evolve while still retaining the emphasis of achieving the end result. 

It is important to note we do not breed thugs or heroes,  we do not tolerate anti social behaviour, nor encourage arrogance. Our focus is to encourage the student to grow self confidence and self control. However, when the time arises we encourage  our students and use their skill for the purpose they are designed for without regret.

All are equal in classes. No one is useless or below another. Questioning of the instructor's methods, system theory and science is not only welcomed, it's encouraged for all to understand. What happens in the Academy, stays in the Academy. The learning environment is light hearted, fun, and engaging making it a welcome environment for all.

If you are looking for an environment where information is shared, realistic and accessible to everyone who seeks it , if you are looking for a solid scientific method of self preservation, especially for women and the physically weak, then this is for you
We encourage everyone over 12 to join us. ​
The return on your investment is unparalleled to any other combat experience you could be part of. Joining us gives you the tools required to efficiently save your family from physical threats of violence, and allows you to effectively answer the most common attacks that could come your way. ​

The academy prides itself on the promise "To get you home safely, to preserve your life and if need be loved ones, and to move with intent, purpose and ferocity as the situation demands."

We pride ourselves on what we do, and we take pride in our students who will one day be future leaders, and maybe even teachers of self protection. Do you fit the criteria to be a student of Ragnarok Combat Academy?

  • We look for people who are COMMITTED to being rebuilt into something greater
  • We look for people who are willing to CHANGE THEIR THINKING on what fighting is
  • We look for people who want to PUSH THE LIMITS they put on themselves
  • We look for people who like to HAVE FUN
  • We look for people who want to IMPROVE themselves mentally and physically
  • We look for people who want to CHALLENGE the status quo

Don't fit this criteria? No sweat, we run kids classes, senior adult classes, womens classes and everything in between. Contact us for more information on these classes.