Ragnarok Combat -- Kenpo Karate -- Stick Fighting

You are all you've got 


Ragnarok means in a literal sense, "The doom of the gods."  

Our name reflects the doom of the gods in the modern sense. When we find ourselves in a confrontational situation where the moment of our doom has come , it's natural and normal for fear to grasp us. However, with the right training a person, (especially our students) need only dig deep to overcome this.

​Our students will have the wisdom of knowledge and understanding of life and death.

Our symbol is the Valkyrie.  

The Valkyrie in Norse mythology has also been known as chooser of the slain. Her roll was to oversee the battles and determine those worthy to be chosen to live and to die as well as their fate once their life is over. She is seen as both an angel of mercy and death in the eyes of the Viking.

It is important to note here the Vikings did not lay before their gods and beg , but rather stood beside them worked and fought with them against common enemies .

​It was deeds and actions that brought life after death

Valkyries are ethereal warriors with deadly skills

Crest of the Kenpo Street Fighters 

Shape: Of the crest represents the structure of a house. The walls and roof are curved to keep evil from intruding. The ax at the bottom of the crest is a solemn reminder that should a martial artist tarnish the reputation of the organization they will be "cut off" completely


Dragon: Represents the spiritual journey needed to master the art of KENPO KARATE it resides inside the training hall sharing its knowledge with all that enter. it but knows that to expose its self would result in its down fall They stand at the entrance to the Dojo to protect and guide the student


Flame: The Flame: Firstly, it represents a light to show the way but more importantly, it represents the spirit that resides in all of us, as you can see it is knowledge that covers this flame keeping it under control and disciplined without knowledge the spirits potential cannot be reached. Yellow and extremely hot eager to consume (The beginner). Its aura is red. Warm, confident and steady (master)


Closed Fist: Represents our foundation Kenpo, law of the fist

Five Digits: Represents the five virtues of the warrior:    Benevolence, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom, and Honor


Southern Cross: To represent unity and solidarity to show that as Australians we are all sons and daughters under the southern cross 

Sticks: The basic tools by which order is kept they are behind the fist and are recognized as only backups to the skills we posses 

Colors : Red- master Black- instructor- Yellow the student and white the  beginner. The colors are also to honor the spirit of the original people of the land down under edit text